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7 Health Benefits of TURNIP


Turnip is a root vegetable that belongs to cruciferous family. It is rich in nutritional values and is a good source of Vit-C, calcium, fiber, potassium,, manganese, phosphorous and carbohydrates. It can be eaten raw in salads due to its mild flavor. Turnips come in red-fleshed, orange, yellow and white-fleshed varieties. It has several health benefits:


  • It is a good source of fiber that includes soluble dietary fibers to prevent constipation and to control blood cholesterol levels.

  • Turnip leaves are good source of Vit-A and Vit-B1 that's found to be advantageous in prevention of cataracts.

  • It acts as a natural anti-oxidant due to its high amount of Vit-C, and this also boosts the body's immune system.

  • Turnip contains certain phytonutrients and sulphurous compounds that have anti-cancer properties and reduces the risk of various cancers, like lung cancer, stomach and colon cancers.

  • It's a good source of Vit-A that supports good and healthy vision.

  • B- Vitamins support the development and functions of brain and is crucial for various metabolic functions in the body.

  • It contains folate that plays vital role in preventing birth defects during pregnancy.


  • Although they are very nutritious, excess amounts of the substances crystallize in the body and leads to some health problems due to the presence of oxalates.

  • Oxalates leads to the development of stones in kidneys. Hence it is best to consume in limit, if you have kidney or gall bladder problems.

  • Research established that Glucosinolates in turnips results in production of goitrin compound that inhibits thyroid hormone production. This compound interferes with thyroid gland, causing low thyroid function, or hypothyroidism. So, consult your doctor before including turnips in your diet who have thyroid problem

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