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While you are breast feeding, first remember that the food you eat can affect your milk and therefore on your baby. You must eat a balanced, nutritious diet so that you can provide your baby with a variety of nutrients.

  • Breast feeding mother have to take protein rich food like eggs,milk, dairy products, peas and nuts everyday.
  • You need to drink more amount of water while you are breast feeding. Having lots of water indeed helps to generate sufficient milk to the baby.
  • Your elders may have been told that you should drink water only to satisfy you thirst. They think that it indeed leads to cold. But its not true.
  • Keep an eye on the color of your urine, if your urine is in dark yellow it means that you need more water to drink.
  • Eat different types of whole grains, fruits, leafy vegetables and vegetables.
  • Note that all the vegetables and fruits must be well cleaned before consuming, If not, the chemicals and pesticides on the fruits and vegetables in turn effect the baby's health through the mother.So be conscious.
  • Mostly beans, ground nuts, black eyed peas and dry fruits must be included in the diet, because they are iron rich.
  • Have vitamin C rich fruits like strawberries, oranges, peaches, guava etc.
  • Take calcium rich foods like thick green leafy vegetables, soya milk and curd.
  • Take vitamin B12 and vitamin D rich food like meat (non-veg). milk and milk products. But in case of pure vegetarians take vitamin B12 and vitamin D supplement tablets as directed by your personal physician.
  • Eating varieties of food while breastfeeding will change the flavor of milk. This will expose your baby to different tastes.

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