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5 Simple Home Made tips For CRACKED HEELS
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Bumps, Rashes and Skin allergies can be avoided by undertaking certain home made remedies. These are easy to follow and helps you to prevent in a natural way.

Some of the home made remedies include-

Tips 1:

coconut oil and camphor
  • Mix 2 Tsp of coconut oil with a pinch of Raw camphor and heat it.
  • Apply this mixture on bumps and itching areas, to get a good relief.

Tips 2:

jaggery and carrom seeds
  • Make a paste with equal proportions of carom seeds and jaggery.
  • Prepare like a small balls or tablets.
  • Have 2 tablets twice a day (Every morning and evening) to get rid of bumps.

Tips 3:

neem and honey
  • Make a fine powder with dried neem leaves and keep a side.
  • Mix a pinch of neem powder with honey and have it thrice a day will help to progressively reduce bumps.

Tips 4:

turmeric and need
  • Make a smooth paste with equal proportions of neem leaves and turmeric powder.
  • Apply it on the itching areas.
  • It effectively cures the skin irritations.

Tips 5:

basil leaves boiling
  • Boil water with some basil leaves (tulasi).
  • Have bath with it to get effective relief from irritation and cures the rashes.

Tips 6:

olive oil
  • Apply olive oil on the rashes regularly for effective results.

Tips 7:

  • Apply oatmeal oil on the rashes for immediate relief.

Tips 8:

carrot juice
  • Drink 1/2 lit carrot juice every day to avoid skin allergies.

Tips 9:

carrot beetroot cucumber
  • Mix 100ml of beetroot juice, 100ml of cucumber juice with 100ml of carrot juice.
  • Have it everyday to get perfect relief from skin allergies.

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