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Tips to get rid of STRETCH MARKS


It is normal to have some marks on your bellies after pregnancy. This is often associated with abnormal weight gain and weight loss. The stretch marks will appear pink at the beginning and the color will change to white. They can appear anywhere on the body, but are mostly appear in places where extra fat is stored. Most common places are the abdomen, upper arms, underarms, breast, thighs, hips etc..

It is not an instant process to eliminate stretch marks. It is possible to reduce them if not completely eliminate them. But you need to have patience for it. Let's try some simple remedies to get rid of stretch marks-

  • Have vitamin-K rich diet or food like Tomatoes, dairy products, green leafy vegetables etc…
  • Have Aloe-Vera juice frequently after delivery to get rid of stretch marks.
  • Take vitamin-E tablets after delivery.
  • Apply turmeric powder on the stomach every day after delivery.
  • Apply Egg white on your skin which is rich in source of protein and greatly aids in eliminating stretch marks.
  • Apply Vaseline cream on the stomach during pregnancy may also prevents from stretch marks.
  • Massaging Aroma oil on the stomach during pregnancy may also have chances to prevent from stretch marks.

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