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Home Made Remedies For BURN MARKS


Burn is an injury to the skin due to fire, steam, heat, electricity or chemicals.Most of the injuries may occur at home or work areas. Burns are painful memories to erase and burn marks are constant reminders of it which is displeasing to look at. Here are some effective home made remedies to get rid of burn marks-

Tips 1:

coconut oil
  • Applying coconut oil on the scars every day will help to progressively reduce the scar.

Tips 2:

  • Apply honey on the burning wound immediately to avoid spots of burning wounds.

Tips 3:

  • Apply mashed banana over the affected areas for pain relief and healing.

Tips 4:

aloe vera paste
  • Apply Aloe Vera paste like a mask immediately on burnt skin to get relief from burning sensation and pain, also avoids the skin from burn bumps.

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